How did I become Vegetarian. All my process

What is stopping you from making this change? After all those posts talking about animal based food and how bad it is for the human being, today i’ll finally talk about my process. So maybe if you don’t know where to start you can follow my experience on this one. 

Before I start this post I just want to say that i’m not a nutritionist or a doctor and for sure you should contact one in order to track your healthy issues in this big change!

A few months ago, I started to question myself ( more than the normal ) about this subject “why do I feed myself from dead animal bodies?”. After a wile thinking about this, I realised that I don’t wanna be a part of this. I was hypocrite saying that I love animals, when actually I was the one killing them for eat. Then I decided to start a research about it, to get to know a little bit about this lifestyle. I realised that is way more deep that the animal suffering. Is also environmental, healthy issues, human being needs, our values and beliefs. “Is it fair that a poor animal have to die because of us?” Does that makes us humans? What does that say about us? We are the racional ones but we keep acting like savages. Why is no one talking about this? There are people talking about this but for some reason we keep ignoring it.

Once I realise it I decided that I don’t wanna be a part of it, I started my change.

I had divided this processes in 3 weeks. However there’s people that take more time or less. Is a personal process, everyone is different and you should know the time you need. One step at once.

  1. In the first week I cut red meat and animal based food (milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs) out of my diet.
  2. In the second week I started to replace chicken with vegetables, soya and tofu. Milk for plant based milk and yogurt for yogurt milk free.
  3. By the end of the 3rd week I had almost a vegan diet but I was still eating fish. I still am due the fact that I live with my parents so stop eating fish would be way too much for them.

Lots of the messages I have been receiving from you guys is asking me how did my parents reacted when I decided to change the way I eat. To be honest, I guess they were already expecting that. It was a matter of time, I never understood why do we eat animals, and I had question them about it my all life. When I was a little girl, my grandmother’s neighbour had rabbits and she used to kill them for eat. When I first saw this white little bunny playing in her backyard, my 5 years old person decided that I would never EVER eat it. 13 years went by and I kept my promise. WHAT A CHILD

So yeah basically my parents were already expecting that. Even tho they’re still worried about my health. But anyway I feel really happy when I see them looking for vegetarian food on the super market, this is the proof that they are really supporting me with my decisions.

This was my process, is looks like is simple because it actually is. Once you have this idea on your mind and you know all your reasons it turns out really easy. You’ll see yourself really pleased with vegetables, even tho in the beginning it looks like “I’ll be hungry when I finish this plate”. And there’s also lots of products that can replace the taste of meat and daily. You have Tofu, soya, vegan cheese, vegan sausage/hamburgers/nuggets, plant based milk. It is a great replacement if you feel that you need the taste of meat back in your life. Is all about control and getting your ideas in the right place. I advice you to step by step introduce this in your life, in a way that your body will easily get used to it. Don’t rush your process. Also be aware that you should contact a doctor and/or a nutritionist.

Take your time, do research about it, contact your doctor, step by step start to introduce vegetarian food in your diet. You have thousands of vegan recipes online so you can start trying them out! Enjoy your process!

Any doubts or if you planing making this change leave on the comments bellow or send me a message on instagram. Anyway I would be happy to know your process!

Thank you for being here!



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